Other things I can do for self branding

Other possibilities for self branding could be the following : An app, A website or business cards.

These things could help me if it was more on the business side of things. But if I wanted to advertise myself through guerrilla advertising I could do things such as stickers which will consist of my logo. 

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Personal Ad

I felt that the typography video would be a good way to show my personality. I like to keep things simple and structured and I felt that a video of myself would be too much of a mess. It also shows my creative side, ‘Creator Archetype’, which I chose to add during my design process for my logo. I also wanted a type of ad which people will read, because sometimes I feel that ads aren’t too appealing to me, I just feel as if they are a bit annoying at times and also sometimes predictable. So a typography video was a way that I thought, may catch peoples attention because to me I find that if there is something to read in an ad, I feel the need to read it, therefore already catching my attention. It wasn’t too long so people won’t lose attention.

This is just a rough mock up so far due to the fact that there are some timing errors and I still need to either put my voice over it or an instrumental to it.

I personally think that I should still do another video to decide because I’m not too sure about this video, although I like it, I feel that it is not the right thing just yet.

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Video Concepts

For my video I tried to look at my possibilities first on how to approach it.

I thought I could probably do a typography video. This will involve mainly the use of just words. These words will be the words that I would see myself as, so my traits and also what my friends think of me. In a way I felt that it could be a conversation.

There was also the possibility of involving a video with the typography. So this could involve words floating around which I may push away if it has nothing to do with me or grab and stack up if it was to do with something with me. Maybe stack it up and break through it at the end. The stacking is a visual so that people can see all of the words that both my friends and I describe myself. The words would be stacked in a strategic way.

Another one would just be a video montage. So this would involve me videoing myself doing all the different traits that I see myself as and what my friends see myself as.

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Main Logo Animation

This is my main logo animation. I Felt that I could do this in such a way that it comes out of a building, which then zooms out to reveal the building a bit more and then slowly revealing the actual logo at the end. I decided to do this because of my recent move from Interior Architecture and Design to Advertising. I thought that this move was a part of my personality, this is due to it being an interest even though I moved away from it. So from this I thought it would be a good thing to incorporate.

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First logo animation

This is just a very simple animation of my logo. Shows the view from side to side and then gives the 2d image of it at the end so that it is viewed the way it was designed from the start. This idea was inspired by the sky movies logo animation. Felt that it was a very effective way to view a logo.

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Short animations for logos

I plan to make short animations to go along with my logo. These animations will only involve my logo and is just a way to show different views of the logo. This is because I felt that showing a logo in another visual way was a good way to make a diverse range for presenting it rather than just having a flat vectored image. The 3d aspects of this animation is also due to my past course, the interest of 3d imagery is still there, so I thought I would incorporate that with this work seeing as it was an interest before which is part of me as a person.


The idea for this short animation began with seeing the 1st logo on the image being animated before every movie starts on sky. I just felt that it was a good way to represent the logo. And it makes it more visually appealing.

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3d logo yinyang/sun/musicnote

This will probably be the logo that I will go ahead with, I feel that it represents me better than the other designs that I made.

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