Video Concepts

For my video I tried to look at my possibilities first on how to approach it.

I thought I could probably do a typography video. This will involve mainly the use of just words. These words will be the words that I would see myself as, so my traits and also what my friends think of me. In a way I felt that it could be a conversation.

There was also the possibility of involving a video with the typography. So this could involve words floating around which I may push away if it has nothing to do with me or grab and stack up if it was to do with something with me. Maybe stack it up and break through it at the end. The stacking is a visual so that people can see all of the words that both my friends and I describe myself. The words would be stacked in a strategic way.

Another one would just be a video montage. So this would involve me videoing myself doing all the different traits that I see myself as and what my friends see myself as.

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