Personal Ad

I felt that the typography video would be a good way to show my personality. I like to keep things simple and structured and I felt that a video of myself would be too much of a mess. It also shows my creative side, ‘Creator Archetype’, which I chose to add during my design process for my logo. I also wanted a type of ad which people will read, because sometimes I feel that ads aren’t too appealing to me, I just feel as if they are a bit annoying at times and also sometimes predictable. So a typography video was a way that I thought, may catch peoples attention because to me I find that if there is something to read in an ad, I feel the need to read it, therefore already catching my attention. It wasn’t too long so people won’t lose attention.

This is just a rough mock up so far due to the fact that there are some timing errors and I still need to either put my voice over it or an instrumental to it.

I personally think that I should still do another video to decide because I’m not too sure about this video, although I like it, I feel that it is not the right thing just yet.

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