Vector Logo – yinyang/sun/musicnote

I feel that this represents me more than the other logos. After reading my zodiac sign and seeing about my 2 sides of my personality, I felt that that was true so I tried to portray that in an image and felt that the yin and yang symbol was the best way to do it.

I didn’t want it to be the typical yin and yang symbol so I tried to split it with the music note being in the middle and using the white part of the yin and yang as the main side and more involved in the image. This is due to the idea that I want the white to represent my happy side and with the black circle being the my sad side. With the white being bigger I wanted that to represent that I’m happy a lot more of the time, therefore overwhelming the sad side of me. I try to be positive a lot of the time and this is why I think this imagery is relevant.

The other parts, sun rays and music note is the same explanation as the previous design.

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