Year of the Rooster/Yin and Yang

I feel that I should at my chinese new year because of the fact that I have chinese in my family. Being born in 1993, my year is the rooster.

Brave, Romantic, Motivated, Proud, Blunt, Resentful, Boastful


This Rooster is a bit more docile than the other Roosters. He is quieter, more tranquil, not as vocal or as spotlight hungry as other Roosters. These Roosters are great communicators probably because they do possess the ability to tone things down a bit. They have boundless energy that sometimes gets caught up in detail which causes a lapse in concentration. They have to learn to appreciate detail but not to harp on it, otherwise they may miss the final destination.

Also from the description of the aquarius personality of having two sides to my personality, I felt that I should also look at the Yin and Yang sign, which represents good and evil. I feel that this could be good to represent the 2 sides to my personality through imagery.

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