The Artists I will be looking at…

Mark Bradford – Tends to use layers and layers of billboard advertisement that he has taken off the streets that he lived in. He puts this over an intricate pattern of ropes and sands it down revealing other layers underneath. I like his style because of the effect that his work has and also the patterns that are created by the ropes.

Banksy – I like his style because his work is a simple use of stencils but is also very detailed. Its mostly black and white which will work well with the vectorising of my logo. His work also tends to give out a message.

Jacques Villegle – I like his work because its similar to Mark Bradford’s work with his use of layering. He also uses old advertisement and posters for his work. Instead of sanding it down though to reveal other layers, he tends to tear it off.

Jose Parla –  I like his way of layering texts and also the texture that he creates. He uses an old type of script which he layers over and over again to create the abstract image he puts on top of the background.

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