Initial Start

As a start to my design process, i will begin looking at my interest. This will include things such as Art, Sports and Music. It can also be things to do with material things.

With Art, I can look into the style of my favourite artists, such as Banksy, Jacques Villegle, Mark Bradford and Jose Parla. Or my own style. This can be the way that I make my actual logo.

With Sports, I will be looking into the different sports that I like and have played in the past, such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton and Athletics. I can abstract posture from the actions that each sport has. E.g kicking a football, throwing a basketball, tennis serves and running. This can also mean that I can look into the objects involved in the sport.

With Music, I will probably look into musical notes. This is due to my interest in playing music. I tend to go to my guitar and take time off to play it if things go wrong and just to get my mind off the subject. Can also look at different instruments that I have an interest in, things such as piano, guitar and at one point the trumpet.

The material things are just the basic things that I like, clothes, shoes, jewellery, watches and cars.

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