For culture we can do about where we were from. So Philippines or Vietnam.

So it would be like a website to give an insight to where we were from.

Places of interest. History. Famous people from the country.

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For clothing we can create a website which could include things such as history of a certain type of clothing e.g jeans

So this can include looking at individual pieces of clothing such as: t shirts, shorts, shirts, socks, jackets and trousers

And from this we can look back at things from the history which may have evolved into what we wear today.

For clothing we can also look at clothing brands such as: OBEY, Alife, Vans, GStar Raw, Supreme

Or high end brands such as: Louis Vuitton, D&G, Gucci, Fendi, Prada

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Starting point for the website

After talking to my partner, we have decided to look at these things first for our website. We will then narrow it down to one subject which will then be the basis of our website.

The things that we can look at for the website are:

  • Culture
  • food
  • clothing
  • sports
  • Items (e.g iphone/ipad)

These choices are based both in our interests

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Business Cards

Just a play about on how to place things on a business card.

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Business Cards

My business card will correlate with all of the ideas that I feel that I should do.

So it will have the whole black theme. It will have my logo on one of the corners.

The information that I will put in it will be very simple. Just the necessities to contact me.

Maybe a slogan if I end up thinking of one. 

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Website for self branding

For my website it will be very similar to my app so that there is a close link to all aspects of my self branding. 

The website will have the logo in corners, but mainly just one. 

The website will also have a banner. 

Information about me

Link to current blog

About me as a person


link to portfolio

Also information about my logo and how I came out with it

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The app idea for self branding

For the app I think I should go and design it with the main aspects of the pictures of my logo. It will probably be mainly black and white with highlights, this is more like a spotlight look. 

The app could have things such as:

Information about me like: past schools, qualifications, current education

Link to my blog (wordpress) which will explain current works

Interests: sports, why I got involved in art, artists, designers

Link to a portfolio page: previous work, current projects

Contact information about me: email, phone number

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